Finding the Right Hay Storage Structure

Hay is one of the most commonly used feed for livestock. It’s rich in nutrients and easy to grow, which is why farms consistently require large quantities throughout the year. But how do you store the crops properly when storing outside carries significant risks? Using a hay storage structure can help limit exposure to unfavorable weather conditions and protect the quality of your hay. Here are some tips on finding the right hay storage building solution.

Benefits of Storing Hay

Unprotected hay degrades very quickly. Hay bales left outside are more likely to absorb moisture, leading to mold and unwanted bacteria growth. Hay also dries quicker when left outside, increasing the risk of becoming a fire hazard. Significant loss of hay impacts the efficiency of your farm and increases the cost of labor. Having a hay storage structure protects your hay from various weather conditions and limits loss from the weathering process.

Qualities of a Good Hay Storage Building

There are several important considerations when putting together your hay storage building plans. Those include:

Proper Site Selection

Your structure should be able to protect your hay from the elements. To maximize that protection you need to factor in the following:


Don’t build your hay storage structure in a hole or near the valley of a steeply sloped landscape. Keeping rain and meltwater away from the structure helps protect your hay from moisture.


The structure should be easily accessible and roadways should be wide enough for trailers and bale wagons.

Building Separation and Expansion

Allow adequate space for future expansion. Your structures should be at least 75 feet apart to reduce the risk of fire.

Local Weather Patterns

Knowing what direction precipitation typically travels from and the sun’s location during daylight hours helps maximize the protection of your hay.


Moisture accumulation during storage causes bacterial growth on your stored hay. Make sure your structure is well ventilated to avoid condensation on the roof and sidewalls.


A quality hay storage structure is a significant investment and should last several years.

Qualities of a Reputable Hay Storage Building Contractor

Finding the right hay storage building contractor is a difficult task. To help make the right decision, be sure to ask about the following items:


Don’t be hesitant to ask for client references to verify previous work. A reputable contractor should be happy to provide references from other customers.

Engineering Design

A reputable contractor should supply you with a hay storage barn design in the application process. Knowing where and how large the hay storage structure they want to build helps you narrow down your choices.


Reputable contractors should offer an accurate pricing structure in their quotes. Make sure there are no hidden costs in their estimate. Most storage structures will cost between $3-$7 per square foot.

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Hay Storage Structures Offered by Edge Inc

As an industry leader in permanent and temporary storage structures, Edge provides innovative solutions for hay and grain storage. These include:

Fabric Warehouse Structures

Edge’s selection of fabric warehouse structures are ideal for your hay storage needs. Our fabric building structures offer quick turnarounds, fast constructions timelines, and cost efficiency. Some of the benefits of our agricultural fabric warehouse structures include:

Naturally Ventilated

Our fabric warehouse structures naturally ventilate air, removing moisture and keeping your hay completely dry.


Adding structures to permanent storage structures is expensive. Edge’s fabric storage structures are pre-engineered to be expandable, so they can grow as your inventory grows.


Edge’s fabric warehouse structures are portable, so you can move them wherever they are needed.


Our fabric warehouse structures last up to 25 years.

Edge’s fabric structures have multiple foundation options and can be constructed on virtually any surface.

Consider Edge Inc for Your Hay Storage Structure Needs

Edge is your single source for all of your building structure needs. We offer a single point of contact for installation, repairs, and dismantling. Our customer-focused approach allows us to provide various financing, leasing and rental options. Contact Edge today for more information on our cost-effective hay storage building solutions.