Finding the Right Fabric Airplane Hangar Structure

Finding the best fabric aircraft storage building for your needs is an important task. Protecting your aircraft equipment is a top priority, and failing to find the right fabric airplane or helicopter hangar leads to expensive repair costs. Let’s review the various applications aircraft storage buildings provide and the fabric airplane hangars offered by Edge Inc.

Applications for Aircraft Storage Buildings

Aircraft hangars are durable and provide a cost-effective solution for a variety of applications, including:

Safe Aircraft Storage

Fabric airplane hangars are an ideal and safe solution if you’re storing anything from a military plane to a helicopter and anything in between. They are naturally ventilated and will protect your aircraft from extreme weather conditions and area wildlife.

Maintenance Facility

A fabric airplane hangar is an ideal structure to store aircraft in repair.

Baggage and Equipment Storage

An aircraft storage building provides additional storage for excess baggage and equipment.

Fabric Airplane Hangar Buildings Provided by Edge

Edge is a comprehensive contractor for fabric airplane hangar structures. We understand how important proper protection is, and our temporary hangar solutions help provide what you need.

Aviation Fabric Structure

We equip our aviation fabric structures with a diverse framework ideal for housing any aircraft. Aviation fabric structures use the truss arch system: a fabric structure constructed with a galvanized steel frame. Our aviation fabric structures protect your aircraft and are dependable and durable.

Benefits of Edge’s Aviation Fabric Structures

Our permanent or temporary hangar structures are quick to install and cost effective. Other benefits of our aviation fabric structures include:

Naturally Ventilated

Our truss arch buildings are naturally ventilated and provide the right environment for your aircraft.


Adding on storage capacity to an already existing structure is expensive. Edge’s fabric structures are easily expandable, so they provide increased capacity when you need them to.


We customize our fabric airplane hangars to suit your needs. Our structures also feature several foundation options and are constructed on virtually any surface.

Easy To Clean

Edge’s fabric structures are built with limited construction materials, making them easy to clean with just soap and water.

Energy Efficient

Edge’s fabric airplane hangars are energy efficient and provide natural light, limiting the need for interior electric lighting.

Looking to protect your aircraft from harsh weather? Contact Edge today for a free quote and see how our fabric structures withstand the elements!

Aircraft and Helicopter Hangar Services Offered by Edge

Edge is an industry leader in providing fabric building solutions for our clients. Our experienced crew offers the following services for our clients:

Supply and Install

  • Our expert team conducts a site analysis to determine which fabric structure solution is best.
  • We design and engineer your structure. Our team customizes the framework, materials, and anchoring system to support the building.
  • If required, we work with the appropriate government agency to ensure your structure complies with building codes.
  • Once approved, our contractors pre-engineer the frame and prepare the fabric.
  • After your building is complete, we load it onto a semi-truck and deliver it to your location.
  • Our expert installation crew arrives on location and begins the installation process.
  • Once installation is complete, our team cleans up the site and performs a final inspection.

Fabric Repair

Edge’s fabric airplane hangar buildings are built to last but are susceptible to long-term wear and tear. Small tears in the fabric can be repaired using our fabric building repair kit. This kit is ideal for quick repairs to temporary hangars and features repair tape and small tools.

Disassembly and Relocation

One of the most attractive characteristics of our fabric structures is how easily we dismantle and relocate them. Our services are available to partners who have outgrown our structures or need them moved to another location. Our process is quick and efficient, and we offer a site analysis service that helps determine the best solution.

Protect Your Aircraft With Edge’s Innovative Fabric Aircraft Storage Buildings

Edge’s fabric airplane hangars are reliable, stable, and made with high-quality materials. We build our fabric buildings to last, and they come with a 15-25 year warranty. We offer financing plans, allow deferred payments, and have flexible terms for site work and building costs. Contact Edge today if you are seeking a solution for your aircraft storage building needs.