What You Need to Know About Farm Equipment Storage Buildings

Based in Canada, one of the largest agricultural exporters in the world, Edge Inc offers farm equipment storage buildings and agricultural fabric storage solutions that will help keep your valuable equipment safe and protected throughout the winter season.

Impact of Cold Weather on Equipment

Your farm equipment is most at risk for mechanical failure during the winter months. Fluids become congealed in freezing temperatures, which affects the circulatory system of your equipment. Cold weather can also impact the proper flow of oil, which leads to metal-on-metal damage. The wires, battery, and engine are also vulnerable to wear and tear during the winter months. Once damaged, costly repairs and loss of productivity can negatively impact the efficiency of your farm.

Farm Equipment Storage Buildings

The best defense against cold weather malfunction is prevention. The farm equipment storage building plans offered by Edge can help put your mind at ease during the cold weather and keep your equipment ready for the busy harvest seasons. In this blog, we will detail some of the storage facilities Edge Innovation can provide.

Economic Building Structures

Our economic building structures are affordable, versatile, and durable, making them an ideal building solution for storage that requires minimal human access. Our economic building structures are also:


With price points up to $20,000 lower than a standard structure, our structures come with one of the most competitive prices on the market today.


With construction that does not require beams or support posts, our economic building structures come with plenty of space and allow for maximum onsite storage.


Edge offers both temporary and permanent building solutions for your storage needs.

Agricultural Fabric Buildings

Our agriculture fabric buildings provide the proper interior space for your needs. They are an ideal structure for storing your equipment, grain, or fertilizer. Equipped with a steel frame, which allows for superior ventilation, our fabric buildings are built to be durable during the harsh winter months. Our agricultural fabric buildings are also:

Easy To Build

Requiring few building materials, our agricultural fabric buildings are constructed in a short amount of time.


We offer multiple foundation options, which means our agricultural fabric buildings can be built on nearly any surface.


Our temporary agricultural fabric buildings can be expanded and relocated. Our fabric buildings can grow in lockstep with your farming needs.

Don’t wait until it is too late! Contact Edge for a free quote today and see how we can keep your farm equipment safe during the upcoming harsh winter.

Store Your Equipment With Edge Inc

The farm equipment storage buildings Edge offers are built to last. We guarantee a 15-25 year lifespan of our fabric structures and a 15-40 year lifespan of our steel structures. Every structure comes with a warranty, and Edge provides financing and leasing plans to boost your cash flow. Contact Edge Inc today and see how we can help keep your farm equipment safe during the winter.