Fabric Building Repair Services

Providing Quality Repair Services for Fabric Buildings

Choosing the best repair option for your fabric building structure is a daunting task. With Edge’s high-quality fabric building repair services, we help you decide which solution will help you make your building like new again.

When To Consider a Fabric Building Repair

Fabric buildings are made to withstand a wide range of harsh weather conditions, but every structure reaches a point in its lifecycle when it’s time for a fabric building repair or cover replacement. 

Abnormal wear, accidents, and debris from high-wind impact can damage your structure’s cover. With routine inspections, you can find early warning signs that it’s time for a fabric structure repair to prevent further damage. Some of these signs can include:

  • Noticeable fabric tears
  • Water stains on the fabric or floor
  • Pools of water gathered at low spots 
  • Wind whistling through the fabric 
  • Rusted trussed frame 
  • Unusual structure slack 

If your fabric building system shows signs of damage, it’s time to take the proper steps to repair it. 

Do-It-Yourself Fabric Building Repair Kits

Edge Inc challenges the fabric structure status quo by providing a customer-centric approach to top-quality repair solutions. If you have a small rip in your fabric building cover, you can repair it yourself easily with our fabric building repair kit. Each kit includes steps for different repairs plus fabric building repair tape, an industry solution for minor fabric cover repairs.

Fabric Structure Warranty and Major Repair Options

Your Edge structure warranty guarantees a lifespan of 15 to 25 years for structures made with fabric materials, including our economic fabric buildings, and 15 to 40 years for our steel-supported building structures, such as equine riding arenas

If you have a major fabric building repair before your warranty expires, your solution may require a manufacturer consultation. As a customer-centric building contractor, Edge works with you to reach a fair resolution. You can submit a warranty claim through us, and if the damage was caused by inclement weather or natural causes, we approve the claim and send it to your fabric structure manufacturer. Once they approve your claim, your repair may be covered by the warranty, and our team of experienced experts will take care of it. Whether you have a rusted frame or large tears, we know the industry standards for repairs that make your building system like new again. 

Fabric Building Replacement Cover Services

Sometimes, fabric structures are damaged beyond repair. If your structure’s cover is aged, showing signs of sun damage, or has significant rips and tears, a fabric building replacement cover is the best solution. 

There are two replacement options for fabric structures: an entire building system replacement or a fabric building cover replacement. Simply replacing your structure’s cover is more affordable, so Edge prioritizes this option before we consider dismantling your existing system and reconstructing a new building from the ground up.

If your building has extensive fabric damage or your fabric is detached from the framework, we have the tools, expertise, and materials to work from original drawings and specifications to provide a fabric building replacement cover that meets or exceeds original specifications. 

Fabric Structures: Outperforming Traditional Buildings

✔ Faster Construction Times

✔ Easily Maintained

✔ Customizable Designs

✔ Natural Lighting

Long-Lasting Structures With Financing Options

Our customer-focused approach to providing affordable and high-quality temporary fabric structures and permanent building solutions for a wide range of industries allows us to offer flexible financing and leasing programs.

Comprehensive Fabric Building Repair Services

We’re a comprehensive contractor for fabric building structures, so you don’t have to outsource your fabric building repair services to multiple vendors to get the solution you need. From experienced professionals inspecting your building and locating damage to licensed contractors following industry best practices for quality repairs, we complete your entire project. The Edge team walks you through every step of the repair process from start to finish. Once your repair is complete, you have a customized, easily maintained fabric structure solution. Contact us today to learn more about our repair solutions.

Fabric Building Installation Services

Whether you purchased your fabric building system from us or another vendor, Edge’s experienced installation crew is here to help.

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