Edge Inc is an industry leader in innovative fabric building structures, materials, and techniques across North America.

Explore the Benefits of an

Edge Fabric Structure

Edge Inc is a comprehensive contractor specializing in innovative fabric structure systems. With locations in Canada and the United States, we partner with well-known fabric and building material manufacturers to provide quality design-build solutions for both permanent and temporary fabric structures.

Superior Ventilation

Our fabric building structures are equipped with an excellent ventilation system that allows air to circulate freely, creating a drier, healthier environment for occupants and materials inside the building.

Made to Last

Edge’s structure designs are meant to last. We guarantee a lifespan of 15-25 years for buildings made with fabric materials, even for our economic fabric buildings.


Our durable fabric structures are a cost-effective building solution for storing construction materials, creating onsite workshops, housing heavy machinery and tools, holding rodeos, and much more.

Customized Designs

Available in a variety of sizes, our building solutions are customized for your industry needs. We’re able to manufacture structures up to 250 feet wide with unlimited length options, and we’ll help you find the right fit for your application.

Permanent or Temporary

We offer quality solutions for both permanent and temporary fabric building structures. Our buildings are also portable, so you can easily relocate your structure as needed.

Financing Options

From financing different types of structures to leasing and renting, we pride ourselves on finding the right options for you.

Easy Maintenance

All of our fabric building structures are easy to maintain. Because they require limited materials, you can clean our fabric structures with just water and mild soap.

Fast Turnaround Times

Edge’s permanent and temporary fabric-covered building solutions can be designed and constructed onsite at a moment’s notice. Once a job begins, our team quickly completes the project.

Natural Lighting

Edge’s fabric structures provide natural lighting for increased focus on worksites, resulting in increased productivity, cost savings, and happier employees.

Industries We Serve

Our Structures

and Expertise

Our team of industry professionals helps you determine the best fabric structure for your industry needs. Whether you need a temporary or permanent structure, Edge has a wide range of covered building applications to meet your requirements.

Our structure options include:

Truss Arch Fabric Buildings

Considered one of the most diverse building structures in the industry, our truss arch fabric building is used in a wide range of industries. It’s constructed to provide maximum interior space and is customizable to meet your needs.

Economy Fabric Structures

As a design-build contractor, we’re dedicated to offering energy-efficient and cost-effective fabric building solutions for permanent and temporary uses. Our economic building structures are designed and manufactured with durable materials at an affordable price.

We Make It Easy To

Purchase a Fabric Structure

Edge has a customer-centric approach that drives us to make your fabric structure purchase more manageable. All of our fabric building applications have financing, leasing, and renting options, so you can easily choose the best plan for your budget and your needs.

With our purchasing options, you can:

  • Boost cash flow and defer payments
  • Customize your own payment plan
  • Finance equipment, sitework, and hardware
  • Return or keep your structure

Comprehensive Contracting

With an Unbiased Perspective

As a fabric building contractor, we offer unbiased perspectives on building solutions for a wide range of industries. We have a better understanding of fabric buildings because we’re not a manufacturer. We’re a contractor, which is why we have an objective view on how certain fabrics benefit particular applications.

Excelling as a comprehensive contractor allows Edge to perform most building projects in-house with our expert team of engineers, contractors, and designers. Consider us your single point of contact for a quality design-build fabric structure solution.

Hear From Our Customers


“Very happy with the work you guys did for us. I appreciate it. Thanks for the email and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
– Shawn W.

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Long Lead

Lack of Response?

Product Variations?

Multiple Vendors?

Let Us Solve Your Biggest Problems

As an innovative building contractor with nearly two decades of experience, we’re well-versed in a wide range of industry problems, and we specialize in developing quality solutions for customers throughout North America.

Edge knows that other building corporations have long lead times when it comes to starting a project. We make it a priority to build relationships with multiple manufacturers, so our team can start planning your fabric structure project immediately. We pride ourselves on faster response rates compared to other building contractors. When you contact us, our team will follow up with you quickly.

Establishing ourselves as a comprehensive contractor allows us to work with multiple vendors to provide an unbiased perspective, and by leaving vendor communications up to us, you get a simplified construction process from a single point of contact.

01. Partners

Building strong relationships with multiple manufacturers allows us to start designing and planning your structure immediately.

02. Team

Our professional service team engages customers and holds employees accountable for quick follow-up times.

03. Unbiased Perspectives

As a comprehensive contractor, we work with prominent vendors in the industry to offer unbiased perspectives on fabric structures.

04. Design-Build Solutions

When you leave communications regarding your structure solution up to us, you get a quality design-build solution from a single source.