Industrial Fabric Structures

Constructing Durable Industrial Fabric Structures for Your Business

Damaged goods and materials are costly to replace. Protecting them during the unloading process and ensuring their quality in storage is easy with Edge’s industrial fabric structures.

Permanent and Temporary Industrial Storage Buildings With Financing

With Edge as your contractor, you get design-build services for industrial fabric structures with financing options from a single point of contact. We work with well-known fabric and building material manufacturers to give you an unbiased perspective on permanent and temporary industrial storage buildings.

We offer a wide range of industrial storage buildings for nearly all sectors across North America. As an industry leader of innovative building structures, Edge’s team of experienced contractors constructs our industrial fabric structures without support beams, maximizing interior space to easily maneuver vehicles and heavy machinery. Equipped with the highest-quality fabric in the industry, our industrial fabric structures are a long-lasting and durable solution for protecting your materials and equipment.

From equipment housing to bulk material storage, we carry a wide range of industrial fabric building structures to meet your specific needs, giving you a cost-effective solution for your storage requirements.

Warehouse Loading Bay Canopies and Other Applications

Easily protect your goods during the unloading process with our warehouse loading bay canopies. Materials and goods can become damaged when you have to unload during inclement weather, but our high-quality canopy structures keep your goods dry and protected in all types of harsh conditions.

  • Warehouses
  • Vehicle Garages
  • Cargo Buildings
  • Delivery Centers
  • Product Storage
  • Equipment Housing
  • Bulk Materials Storage

When you select an Edge industrial fabric structure, you get a versatile storage building that can be constructed on virtually any surface. With several options to choose from, our experienced team can help you select the best foundation for a fabric-covered storage building to meet your industrial needs.

Our foundation options include concrete lego blocks, screw piles and earth anchors, concrete asphalt slabs and piles, wooden posts, and sea-can containers.

Easily Unload, Store, and Protect Your Goods With Our Industrial Fabric Structures

Don’t let inconvenient weather slow down your operations. With our industrial fabric structures, your goods are protected throughout the unloading process and stay safe and secure once they’re stored. With an Edge storage building, you can rest assured that your materials are kept in quality condition.

Industrial Fabric Structures: Warranty and Financing

Our customer-focused approach to affordable industrial fabric structures allows us to offer flexible financing, leasing, and rental programs. We make it easier to get the permanent or temporary industrial storage building you always needed for your facility with our financing calculator. We’re known for helping customers avoid upfront costs and providing details about how to accommodate other expenses while benefiting from an Edge industrial fabric structure.

All of our permanent and temporary industrial storage buildings are meant to last. We guarantee 15 to 25 years for industrial fabric structures made with our durable fabric and 15 to 40 years for our steel support structures. When you choose Edge Inc, you can count on your industrial fabric structure to maintain its quality for years to come.

Bulk Storage Structure Solutions

An ideal solution for a wide range of industries, our bulk storage fabric buildings are a cost-effective way to store bulk goods and materials. From sand and salt to chemicals, our temporary or permanent bulk storage structures are equipped to protect a variety of products.

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