Material and Product Storage Structures

Supplying Custom Fabric Structures for Material and Product Storage

With Edge’s equipment storage structures, you can make room for all of the sand, grain, and other products you need to store. We can customize your product storage structure to meet your specific needs.

Permanent or Temporary Storage Buildings for Materials and Products

Edge strategically designs fabric structure solutions to meet your bulk storage needs, no matter what type of product storage is required. Our fabric warehousing and storage structures are highly customizable to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including grain or bulk sand storage

Our fabric buildings are a superior product storage solution because of their quick turnaround, fast construction timelines, and cost efficiency. Our structures are not as heavily regulated as traditional steel buildings, making them easier to install.

You can customize the size of your fabric building structure up to 200 meters wide and include various amenities to suit your needs. Our innovative truss arch and geodesic dome buildings are the ideal storage solution for a variety of industrial needs, including:

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Affordable and Diverse Truss Arch Building Designs

Considered one of the most diverse fabric building structures on the market, the truss arch fabric system is a product storage solution used in a wide range of industries for a variety of needs. Edge truss arch structures are ideal for aircraft, frac sand, grain, and other bulk product storage.

Maximize Your Equipment Storage Structure Space With Edge Inc

With Edge’s equipment storage structures, you can make room for all of the sand, grain, and other product you need to store. We can customize your storage structure to meet your specific needs.

Cost-Effective Product Storage Structures

Edge offers the most cost-effective agricultural, mining, and bulk sand storage structures in the fabric building industry. Our structures are significantly more affordable than traditional frac sand storage facilities

A truss arch fabric building costs far less than a brick and mortar aircraft storage building and is much more economical than renting an aircraft hangar

Grain handling bins can put a severe dent in farm storage budgets. Edge’s agricultural fabric buildings provide superior ventilation and are much more budget-friendly than grain bins

Edge Offers Multiple Purchasing Options

We offer flexible financing and leasing programs plus rental options to fit your product storage project into your budget.

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