Temporary Office Structures

A Permanent Solution to Your Industry’s Temporary Office Needs

As an industry leader in contracting fabric building structures, Edge Inc partners with prominent material manufacturers to provide a wide range of industries with temporary building structures.

Temporary Fabric Structures for Job Site Construction Offices

Edge offers short- and long-term fabric structures for any construction project. Our portable and expandable designs allow maximum onsite storage space for heavy machinery, tools, and materials.

Our customizable onsite structures can create a temporary construction office space suitable for any environment. Regardless of inclement weather, our durable fabric buildings are stable enough to handle the conditions.

Our economic building structures are the best option for your construction needs because of their quick turnaround, fast construction timelines, and cost efficiency. Temporary structures also don’t have to meet an extensive list of industry standards before construction.

Temporary Office Structures for Military Bases

The Edge team is proud to support all military branches by providing innovative building solutions for barracks. Our heavy-duty galvanized steel framing and durable fabric structures are customizable to meet your temporary housing needs.

As an industry leader that has solid relationships with the military, we’re well-versed in the unique structure requirements each branch has. We understand that inclement weather can arise quickly. Our high-quality extreme weather tents protect your squad from harsh weather conditions, like hail and strong winds, to keep you and your soldiers safe and secure.

Our portable truss arch fabric buildings can be constructed on virtually any surface. With a wide range of foundation options, we guide you through the best anchoring system for your specific application.

  • Concrete Lego-style blocks
  • Screw piles and earth anchors
  • Concrete asphalt slabs
  • Concrete piles
  • Wooden posts
  • Sea-can containers

Temporary or Permanent Building Solutions Made To Last

Edge partners with prominent fabric and building material manufacturers to provide reliable structures for a wide range of industries. Find which solutions work best for your industry and budget.

Temporary Office Building Structures for Mining Worksites

Edge constructs temporary office spaces for mining worksites across North America. We design both temporary and permanent buildings without support beams, maximizing your interior space to facilitate large drills, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery.

Our truss arch fabric buildings for mining provide superior ventilation, quick construction times, and natural lighting for cost efficiency and limited environmental impact. In addition, the steel framework allows you to store the fruits of your labor, such as coal, gemstones, metals, and salt, with the ability to expand as your storage needs grow.

  • Biomass Facilities
  • Warehouse Buildings
  • Portable Storage Structures
  • Mineral Processing Facilities
  • Bulk Storage Buildings
  • Machinery Garages
  • Workforce Housing
  • Remote Campsites
  • Dining Facilities
  • Modular Offices
  • Maintenance Facilities

Temporary Office Structures for Oil and Gas Projects

Canada is home to about 10% of the world’s crude oil reserves. As an industry leader based in Alberta, the Edge team stays up to date on the best practices and solutions for oil and gas fabric structures while following industry standards.

Our oilfield buildings and other oil and gas fabric structures can be constructed on virtually any surface. With multiple foundation options available, our team of experienced contractors helps you choose the best anchoring system for your application. If you need drilling and pump station enclosures, general material storage, workforce housing, frac sand storage, or construction camp facilities, our comprehensive line of fabric building options can provide simple solutions for complex industry problems.

Temporary Structures Used as Offices: Warranty and Financing

Edge’s temporary fabric structures outperform traditional structures with faster construction times, easy-to-maintain fabric material, customizable designs, and natural lighting, all of which contribute to this structure’s cost effectiveness.

We partner with prominent material manufacturers to give you an unbiased perspective on temporary and permanent industrial fabric building solutions for industries across North America. We guarantee 15 to 25 years for applications made with our durable fabric and 15 to 40 years for our steel-framed structures.

Customized Financing Options

Edge’s flexible financing and leasing options make payments feasible for your business.

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