Fabric-Covered Building Systems

Providing Covered Fabric Structures for a Wide Range of Industry Solutions

As an industry leader in innovative building solutions, Edge Inc develops high-quality industrial fabric structures for a wide range of industries. Whether you need a coverall barn for your farm or a durable aviation hangar for your airfield, our fabric structures have you covered.

Explore Our Core Industries

We have experience supplying the highest-quality industrial fabric structures on the market for a wide range of industries.

  • Oil & Gas

    As a comprehensive building contractor based in Canada, we’re well-versed in constructing durable oil and gas buildings. From drilling enclosures to equipment storage, our industrial fabric structures have you covered.

  • Bulk Storage & Handling

    From cold storage to shipping and receiving depots, all of our bulk storage buildings have long-lasting covers, a cost-effective price per square foot, and quicker construction turnaround times when compared to traditional buildings.

  • Agriculture

    Canada is one of the top global agricultural exporters. We make it a priority to provide farming communities with various agricultural buildings and structures.

  • Aviation

    Easily protect your aircrafts with Edge’s aviation hangars. All of our aviation applications are easily constructed and portable for maneuvering around the airfield.

  • Sports & Recreation

    From fabric-covered gymnasiums and indoor soccer fields to indoor ice rinks, Edge’s indoor sports structures give team members a place with natural light to play their best, regardless of the weather outside.

  • Construction

    Our heavy-duty construction storage buildings make the most out of any space, maximize storage space for heavy equipment, tools, and materials, and can be customized to your job site specifications.

  • Industrial & Logistics

    Edge’s industrial fabric structures can be built on any surface and don’t require support beams inside, allowing for maximum interior space for vehicles and heavy machinery to move with ease.

  • Military

    We’re proud to have a strong relationship with several military branches and commit ourselves to offering cost-effective solutions for military barrack fabric structures, extreme weather tents, and field shelters.

  • Mining

    Whether you need a biomass facility, a mineral processing center, or a mineral storage warehouse, our coverall fabric buildings can be customized and last the entire life of a mine.

  • Equine

    Edge’s revolutionary steel truss arch system supports your fabric-covered horse arena, maximizing  space in a spook-free environment for your stallion to gallop, trot, and canter with ease.

  • Temp Housing

    We’ve been helping the North American region during COVID-19 by providing businesses, communities, and municipalities with temporary housing structures, portable medical buildings, and disaster relief facilities.

  • Waste & Recycling

    With Edge’s fabric structures for waste and recycling, you get a cost-effective solution to positively impact the environment. Our low-maintenance recycling structures are equipped with a heavy-duty framework that’s stable and reliable in all kinds of weather.

Don’t See Your Industry Listed?

Our team of innovative engineers and contractors customizes best-practice building solutions to fit a wide range of industries. Contact us today, and we can help you find the right structure solution for your industry needs.

Different Types of Fabric Structures for a Variety of Industries

Edge develops solutions for quality industrial fabric structure designs backed by warranty and financing options. We partner with prominent fabric and building material manufacturers to give you an unbiased perspective on temporary and permanent fabric building solutions for industries across North America.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Ventilated
  • Constructed quickly
  • Cost-effective
  • Naturally lit
  • Durable in harsh weather conditions

As a comprehensive fabric building contractor, our team of engineers and contractors performs most building project services in-house. From installation and repairs to full recovers and dismantles, you get a quality design-build solution with a single point of contact when you choose Edge.

“Very happy with the work you guys did for us. I appreciate it. Thanks for the email and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

– Shawn W.

Industrial Fabric Structures Made To Last

With many customization options and insulation packages, Edge’s industrial fabric structures are engineered to last no matter where we construct them.

We guarantee 15 to 25 years for our industrial fabric structures and 15 to 40 years for our steel-framed fabric structures.

Financing Options for Different Types of Fabric Structures

We’re committed to unbiased building solutions for our customers, so we give you detailed and accurate information about the best fabric-covered building option for your industry.

Our customer-focused approach allows us to offer flexible financing, leasing, and rental programs. You can even determine your loan amount with our financing calculator.  We’re committed to mitigating costs and providing detailed information about how to accommodate other industry expenses while benefiting from an Edge fabric-covered building.

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Our customers are always at the center of our structure solutions. Contact us today to start planning your next fabric building project.