Our History

A Look at the History Behind an Experienced Team of Professionals

Built on a foundation of integrity and quality, Edge Inc has provided innovative fabric building structure solutions for a wide range of industries across North America for two decades.

Our History

Founded on innovative construction dating back to 1974 in Great Britain and Ireland, Edge Inc started with a wide range of customers in the construction industry. Some of our initial clients specialized in civil engineering, which involves constructing underground systems and reservoirs, and in commercial engineering, which involves the installation of specialty equipment using industry materials for high-rise buildings.

This expertise led us to focus on the market demand for service and support, which made us a comprehensive contractor that delivers innovative fabric structure solutions to a wide variety of industries.

“Great customer service. Edge is fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone looking at getting construction completed.”

– Chantal L., Customer

Our Safety

Monitored by a third party for quality standards, Edge implements a rigorous health and safety program that’s approved in Canada and across North America. This program includes site orientations, audits, and customized personal protection equipment for site-specific requirements aligned with the Alberta OH&S Act.

Reclaiming and Recycling

As an innovative building contractor, Edge strives to meet the ever-growing needs for recycling. Committed to finding new processes for reclaiming building materials and waste, our team implements recycled materials into our fabric structures whenever possible. We understand the impact of a sustainable structure and apply materials that meet sustainability goals to all of our projects.

Build Your Fabric Structure With an Innovative Team

As technology in the industry advances, our team of contracting professionals continues to develop innovative construction concepts for temporary and permanent structure solutions.

A Design-Build Solution With Financing

As a comprehensive contractor, Edge is a single design-build point of contact, so you don’t have to outsource services and materials from multiple vendors to complete your building. From construction experts laying the foundation to licensed engineers installing automatic doors, your entire fabric structure project starts and ends with Edge. We work with a wide range of partners to supply multiple foundation options for both permanent and temporary building solutions. The Edge team then walks you through every step of the building process from start to finish. Once your project is complete, what’s left standing is an easily maintained, long-lasting fabric structure solution customized for your specific needs.

Edge’s quality fabric structures for all industries are meant to last. We guarantee 15 to 25 years for buildings made with our fabric and 15 to 40 years for our steel-framed solutions. Our financing options allow you to easily manage your payments, and you can get an idea of your budget with our financing calculator.

Quality Fabric Building Solutions

We provide building structures for a variety of industries across North America. With locations in the United States and Canada, industries like equine, aviation, and the military depend on us for their temporary and permanent building solutions.

Challenging the Status Quo With a Customer-Centric Approach

We challenge the status quo of the fabric building contracting industry by putting the customer in the center of our structure solutions. With our experience in providing fabric structures for a variety of industries across North America, we create specific team responsibilities that meet the customer’s needs immediately.

Our team is held accountable when it comes to customer follow up. Our sales process results in faster follow-up times compared to other industry contractors. The Edge team is committed to rapid response, so getting started on your structure is an efficient process. We combat long lead times for new fabric structures by building strong professional relationships with a variety of manufacturers, so there’s a diverse vendor list to choose from. By establishing ourselves as a comprehensive contractor, we’re a single design-build point of contact who simplifies the construction process for you.

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