Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Aligning Our Mission, Vision, and Values To Create Quality Fabric Structures

As a leading construction management corporation in the industry, Edge Inc specializes in the supply and installation of high-performance portable fabric structures for a wide range of industries across North America.

Our Mission

Being an industry leader of innovative building structures, materials, and techniques.

Our Vision

Consistent growth by providing a customer centric approach of quality solutions while maintaining uncompromising values.

Our Values

Integrity : We ensure fairness and trust in every relationship inside and outside of the organization.

Honesty : We are honorable in our principles, intentions, and actions and believe honesty is an integral part of every relationship.

Loyalty : We have an unwavering and consistent commitment to our stakeholders and believe loyalty is a vital quality of our business.

Safety: We make safety the top priority in everything we do.

Service: We recognize that our internal and external customers are the reason for our success and are dedicated to their needs.

Innovation : We are committed to defining the industry by ongoing innovation to ensure profitability and superior solutions to our customers.

Providing Unbiased Perspectives on Innovative Building Solutions

As a comprehensive contractor, Edge offers you an unbiased solution for innovative fabric building structures.

Comprehensive Contracting for Long-Lasting Structures

We’re a comprehensive contractor, which means you don’t have to outsource building services and materials from multiple vendors to complete your structure. From construction professionals laying the foundation to licensed engineers installing automatic doors, your project starts and ends with Edge Inc With multiple foundation options for both permanent and temporary building solutions, the Edge team walks you through every step of the building process. Once your project is complete, what’s left standing is a customized and easily maintained fabric structure solution tailored to your specific needs.

Our fabric structure solutions for all industries are meant to last. We guarantee 15 to 25 years for structures made with our durable fabric and 15 to 40 years for our steel-framed solutions. When you choose Edge Inc, you can count on your fabric structure maintaining its quality for years to come.

Customized Fabric Building Structures

With locations in the United States and Canada, Edge Inc provides a variety of fabric building structures for a wide range of industries in North America, including military, equine, and aviation.

An Innovative Industry Disruptor With a Customer-Centric Approach

Edge has disrupted the fabric building contracting industry by putting the customer at the center of the solution. Our experience in providing fabric structures for a variety of North American industries has allowed us to create specific team responsibilities that meet the customer’s needs immediately.

We hold our team accountable when it comes to customer follow up. Edge’s sales process results in faster follow-up times compared to our competitors, so getting started on your structure is an efficient process. Edge combats long lead times for new fabric structures by building strong relationships with a variety of manufacturers, so there’s a diverse vendor list to choose from. Establishing ourselves as a comprehensive contractor gives you a single point of contact that simplifies the construction process. We consider any changes that might come up during construction and make it a priority to meet your expectations.

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Our customers are always at the center of our structure solutions. Contact us today to start planning your next fabric building project.