Indoor Soccer Field

There are few things worse than canceling a soccer game because of poor field conditions caused by bad weather. The window of playable seasons is narrow for outdoor venues, and postponed events negatively impact bottom lines.

But what if there was a solution that eliminated any future weather concerns and allowed you to book soccer events year round? The truss arch fabric buildings offered by Edge Inc provide a year-round safe playing surface for athletes and protects fans from the elements

How To Build an Indoor Soccer Field

Real Estate and Prep

Real estate is one of the biggest factors when determining how much it costs to build an indoor soccer field. Most indoor soccer complexes require at least 14,000 square feet and site prep for brick and steel structures costs as much as $2 per square foot.

The truss arch fabric building offered by Edge can be built on virtually any surface and require minimal site prep, allowing you to find the right space for your budget.


Most indoor soccer fields require at least 14,000 square feet and brick buildings of that size cost roughly $15,000 per 1,000 square feet.

Our truss arch fabric buildings feature just three main components:

  • Structural frame
  • Fabric
  • Foundation

Our fabric indoor soccer fields limit costs by simplifying the design and eliminating the need for extra materials.


Most indoor soccer facilities require frequent maintenance, and annual inspection and repair costs add up over time.

Edge’s truss fabric buildings require minimal maintenance and are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds and winter snow.

Tired of canceling events because of unpredictable weather? Contact Edge today for a free quote and see how our indoor soccer fields allow for year-round events.

Benefits of Edge’s Indoor Soccer Fields

Building an indoor soccer complex with Edge’s truss arch fabric building offers various benefits, including:

Energy Efficiency

Our fabric structures provide natural lighting that increases the comfort level for fans and players and reduces energy costs.

Great Ventilation

Our truss buildings feature an excellent ventilation system that allows air to circulate freely. This creates a drier, more comfortable, and healthier environment for athletes.


Our fabric buildings are built to last. We guarantee a 15- to 40-year lifespan for our indoor soccer fields.


Our temporary and permanent structures are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. While ideal for use as indoor soccer fields, our truss fabric buildings have additional applications, including:

  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor ice rinks
  • Covered tennis courts
  • Indoor football facilities

Indoor Soccer Field Services Provided by Edge

As an industry leader in fabric building structures, Edge challenges the status quo by offering comprehensive services to our partners, including:

Site Analysis

Our team of engineers performs a detailed site analysis and offers tips on the best anchoring system for your facility.

Fabric Repair

Our fabric buildings are built to last, but accidents can happen. Edge offers top-quality repair services that quickly address any problems.


One of the most attractive elements of our structures is how easily we can relocate them. Our quick and efficient relocation services minimize downtime and allow you to resume operations quickly.

Providing Quality Fabric Indoor Soccer Fields for Year-Round Games

Edge is a comprehensive contractor that specializes in building solutions for soccer facilities. Our team works with well-known material manufacturers to provide our partners with an unbiased perspective on fabric soccer complexes and other applications. Contact us today if you’re interested in building an indoor soccer complex.