Oilfield Housing

Jobs in the oil and gas industry are often in remote locations and require a large crew of hundreds of employees. But what are the best options for housing your workers? Residential travel trailers are expensive and difficult to relocate, and some regions may not have the necessary hotel capacity. Edge’s selection of temporary man camp housing structures keeps your workforce safe from harsh elements.

Edge’s Fabric Portable Temporary Housing Structures

With headquarters in Canada, the fourth leading producer of oil globally, Edge Inc takes pride in staying at the forefront of oilfield housing. Our truss arch fabric buildings are known as one of the most versatile man camp housing solutions on the market. The fabric arch buildings provided by Edge are made using three essential components, which allows us to offer multiple foundation options like:

  • Concrete lego blocks
  • Screw piles
  • Earth anchors
  • Concrete piles
  • Wooden posts

Benefits of Our Fabric Man Camp Housing Structures

Edge’s high-quality fabric structures are manufactured by well-known material designers and feature the following benefits:

Superior Ventilation

Our portable temporary housing structures are equipped with an innovative ventilation system that circulates air freely, creating a healthy environment for workers.

Easy Maintenance

Our fabric structures are easy to maintain, and the limited construction materials can be cleaned with just soap and water.

Natural Lighting

The fabric structures offered by Edge provide natural lighting that reduces energy costs and increases productivity.

Quick Construction

You don’t have to worry about lead time when working with Edge; our oilfield housing structures can be designed and built at a moment’s notice.


Edge’s fabric structures are guaranteed to last 15 to 40 years and are built to sustain all harsh weather conditions.

Cost Effective

While trailers and room rentals are expensive solutions, Edge’s fabric structures are priced to fit any budget. We also offer financing plans that include deferred payments and flexible terms.

Want to learn more about our innovative oilfield housing solutions? Contact Edge today for a free quote and see the difference we can make.

Edge’s Oilfield Housing Services

Edge is a comprehensive custom fabric building provider that offers the following services:

Man Camp Construction

At Edge, we understand that not all fabric building solutions are the same, so we customize our installation process to suit your needs. When you work with Edge, you receive installation services that include:

  • Our team of experts performs a site analysis to determine the best structure for your location.
  • We customize your structure’s framework, materials, and anchoring system based on the location, climate, and foundation.
  • Edge works with the appropriate government agency to make sure your project is industry compliant.
  • Our expert team pre-engineers the steel frame and assembles the durable fabric.
  • We build the materials and deliver them directly to your worksite.
  • Our experienced builders arrive at your site and quickly assemble your man camp housing structure.
  • After completing installation, our team cleans up the area and performs a final inspection.

Disassembly and Relocation

We understand that oil and gas projects require quick transitions from site to site. Edge meets the needs of our clients by offering industry-leading dismantling and relocation services. All of our temporary living structures are relocatable, and we perform proper site analysis before relocating your man camp housing facilities.


Edge’s portable temporary housing structures are built to withstand a wide range of extreme weather conditions and usually last 15-35 years. However, we realize that on-site accidents happen. Our full-service repair solutions allow you to easily repair tears with our fabric building repair kit. This kit includes fabric building repair tape and the steps needed for various repairs.

We also offer comprehensive fabric cover replacement services if major damage occurs. Our services are available for all structures we install, and we use a precision measurement technique that guarantees the replacement cover is an exact fit.

Industry-Leading Oilfield Housing Supplier

Edge has been an industry-leading supplier of oilfield housing solutions since 2008. We’re a comprehensive contractor that offers unbiased solutions. By choosing Edge, you receive access to a dedicated contracting team that works to exceed your expectations. Contact Edge Inc today to learn more about our portable temporary housing solutions.