Why Choose Fabric Farm Buildings for Livestock

Designing and planning a traditional farm building that meets all your needs is difficult, but with fabric farm buildings, you can maximize space, let in more natural light, and give your livestock an ideal environment to thrive in.

Custom Fabric Structure Benefits for Agricultural Use

Using a custom fabric structure for your farming and agricultural needs has unmatched benefits that can’t compare to a traditional barn.

Fabric farm buildings and any other type of agricultural fabric building are equipped with a translucent cover that guarantees natural light, a positive change for your livestock, and your budget. Fabric farm building structures are also equipped with a quick build rate, natural ventilation, and an environmentally friendly design. They are portable and pre-engineered, so if a farm expansion is in your future, you can take your custom fabric structure with you as your farm grows.

Fabric farm buildings can also be constructed on virtually any surface. There are a variety of new construction foundation options available, so it’s easy to choose the best anchoring system tailored to your specific application and location.

Different Types of Fabric Farm Building Applications

You can use custom fabric structures for just about anything—here are a few different types of fabric farm building applications and uses:

Hay, Feed, and Grain Storage

Moisture causes agricultural products like grain, corn, feed, and hay to spoil faster, accelerating mold and mildew growth—but with a fabric farm building, your goods stay fresh longer. That’s because, unlike traditional storage buildings, agricultural fabric building structures are equipped with a watertight design to keep moisture at bay, giving you a perfect storage solution for your bulk grains.

Another common issue with storing farming goods in a traditional building is rust. When a standard storage building’s roof is exposed to rain, snow, and harsh UV rays constantly, its steel roof panels succumb to corrosion eventually, resulting in holes and weak points that allow water to trickle in and damage your grains. Equipped with an interior liner, fabric buildings are designed to prevent corrosion and water damage from occurring inside and outside your structure. That way, you can preserve the quality of your bulk grains efficiently.

Contact us for a free quote and start customizing your livestock fabric farm building to include feed troughs, shovels, and large farming equipment, like backhoes and tractors.

Fabric-Covered Animal Farm Structures

Manage the stress of your livestock with a fabric-covered animal farm structure. By using a custom fabric building for your farm animals, you provide them with a safe environment that’s:

  • Cooler and drier inside
  • Protected from corrosion
  • Flexible and roomy
  • Economical

With a fabric-covered animal farm structure, you also get the guarantee of natural light, thanks to fabric’s translucency, reducing artificial lighting needs drastically.

Fabric-covered animal farm structures are constructed with a strong steel frame, a unique shape for maximum ventilation, and durable fabric. You can customize your livestock fabric building structure with curtains and feed troughs to maximize productivity. You can also house different types of livestock in a custom fabric structure. Whether you need a pig house farm structure or a dairy farm structure, fabric-covered animal farm buildings provide protection and comfort for every living creature on your farm.

Manure Storage

Storing manure is a smelly job for any farmer, but it’s essential for a thriving crop—store your manure and avoid a stinky situation with a custom fabric structure built specifically for manure storage. Thanks to their unique shape and flexibility, manure storage fabric structures provide optimal ventilation to keep airflow circulating and to minimize odor. You can also customize your manure storage building with ridge and eave vents for more constant airflow. By combining versatility with a sturdy steel framework and corrosion protection, fabric storage buildings give you a trusted place to store your manure for years to come.

Choose Edge, Your Fabric Farm Building Contractors

As a comprehensive fabric farm building contractor, Edge Inc specializes in fabric building services that result in a quality, cost-effective fabric farm building for your agricultural needs. Whether you need a permanent or temporary farm building to raise your cattle, store feed and grains, house your hogs, or store manure, our team of professionals can help you choose from a variety of structures to find the right fit for your farm. Contact us today to learn more about our fabric farm buildings.