People who work in the oil and gas industries understand how important it is to stay constantly aware of job site hazards. Exposure to dangerous chemicals when working with machines like an oil rig mud tank is a safety hazard for employees and affects a refinery’s overall productivity. Read more about the common dangers in the industry and the gas enclosure solutions offered by Edge Inc.

Hazards When Working with Oil Rig Mud Tank

Employees working around mud pits are exposed to high levels of mist, vapor, and humidity from warm drilling fluid that condensates on contact with the cooler atmosphere. All drilling muds become contaminated with aromatics and hydrogen sulfide, which increases their toxicity. Workers are exposed to drilling fluids by inhaling mists or by skin contact, and the chance of high exposure increases when:

  • Washing with high-pressure guns
  • Cleaning mud pits
  • Working on top of mud pits
  • Transferring mud pit fluids

Characteristics of a High-Quality Oil and Gas Drilling Enclosure

Finding the right gas enclosure is an important decision. Here are some things to consider when looking for the best structure:


Most drilling rigs are located in remote areas with rough terrain, high altitude, and poor weather conditions. Your oil and gas drilling enclosure should be versatile enough to be buildable on any surface and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.


Minimizing the dangers to your workers is critical to the success of a refinery. Your gas enclosure should provide a solid ventilation system that decreases employee exposure to harmful pollutants. A structure that softens loud noise also reduces hearing loss from the loud noises produced by mud pumps.


The gas enclosure should protect your oil rig mud tank and other valuable tools from the elements. It should also be durable enough to last throughout the project and able to store all of your heavy-duty equipment in one convenient location.

Are you looking to increase the safety of your team with an oil and gas drilling enclosure? Contact Edge today for a free quote and see how our durable fabric structures can protect your employees and equipment.

Industry-Leading Oil and Gas Drilling Enclosures Offered by Edge


Our truss arch fabric building system is useful in a variety of industries and is considered one of the most diverse fabric structures on the market. Composed of a structural frame, fabric, and foundation, this simplified design decreases installation time and eliminates the need for extra materials. These structures are easily relocated, and the system’s exceptional height allows plenty of natural lighting.

Benefits Provided by Our Oil and Gas Drilling Enclosures

Our innovative fabric structures provide the following benefits:


Our gas enclosures feature a superior ventilation system that allows air to circulate freely throughout the structure. This creates a healthier environment for your workers and your materials.


Our structures can be built on virtually any surface and are available in various sizes. We manufacture buildings up to 250 feet wide with unlimited length options.


Edge’s fabric building structures are built to last. We guarantee a lifespan of 15 to 25 years for all of the buildings we offer.


Our fabric structures provide natural lighting that increases productivity and results in happier employees

Let Edge Inc Supply Your Gas Enclosure Solutions

As a leading building contractor with over ten years of experience, we’re well-versed in many industry challenges, and we specialize in offering top-quality solutions. We prioritize long-lasting relationships with multiple manufacturers, allowing us to give you an unbiased perspective and faster response times than other contractors. Contact Edge today to learn more about the oil and gas drilling enclosure solutions we provide.