The Benefits of Fabric Buildings for the Mining and Mineral Processing Industry

Establishing a fabric building for the mining and mineral processing industry

Effective mineral processing requires ample space and protective measures to handle the minerals and metals effectively. It takes a lot of equipment to treat mineral products, and all of that machinery needs shelter from the elements. Erecting a temporary or semi-permanent mining building is an excellent way to house heavy machinery and precious metals throughout the life of a mine.

Learn how fabric mining building solutions can enhance safety and comfort at your site.

Why Do You Need a Temporary Mining Building?

Mining is an essential industry. The need for mineral exploration has only increased over the years, and companies in the mining and mineral processing industry have no choice but to meet the demand. Miners require mobile and spacious buildings to travel from site to site effectively. Building permanent traditional steel structures at every site costs time and money most outfits don’t have.

Temporary mining buildings give companies the space, shelter, and flexibility they need to protect their minerals and metals, perform extractive metallurgy, and dismantle and relocate to the next site. These structures provide a safe and comfortable environment customized to the smallest detail. Whether you need a maintenance building, warehouse, garage, or mineral processing plant, temporary structures are built to suit your unique needs.

Are you worried about the logistics involved with implementing a mining building? Our experienced team is available to help you find the perfect solution. After construction, we support you with high-quality fabric building repair services and fabric building cover replacement.

How Fabric Buildings Help With Mineral Processing

Fabric mining buildings are well suited to the needs of the mining and mineral processing industry. You can build these structures anywhere and on a short timeline. Unlike traditional wood or metal structures, fabric buildings don’t need a concrete foundation. You can anchor the buildings to concrete piles, wooden posts, screw piles and earth anchors, and more. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured knowing your building will serve the life of the mine.

Fabric buildings for mining feature a galvanized steel frame and no support beams inside. With a clear-span shelter, you can maximize your interior space and move large drills, bulldozers, and other machinery without hassle. Designs like the state-of-the-art truss arch fabric building provide a durable steel structural framework to protect your most valuable machinery.

These temporary structures also have superior ventilation. Air circulates freely, creating a safer environment for occupants and the mineral products inside the building. Because fabric facilities are translucent, they allow in natural light. Natural lighting promotes energy efficiency and productivity by providing a clean, bright environment and reducing the need for artificial solutions.

Constructing a fabric-covered shelter for your mineral processing and exploration needs is a cost-effective way to enhance the security and maneuverability of your operations. With fast turnaround times and a guaranteed lifespan of 15 to 25 years, meeting project deadlines will be effortless.

Edge Inc Is Your Source for Fabric Mining Building Solutions

Securing a mining building for your mineral processing operation is simple. Edge Inc is a contractor specializing in state-of-the-art fabric structure systems. We partner with accomplished fabric and building manufacturers to deliver design-build solutions for mining and mineral processing businesses. We build structures according to your precise needs.

Are you worried about finding the space to store your iron ore and precious minerals? Our experienced team can construct fabric-covered buildings up to 250 feet wide with various length options and a high peak height. If you need help finding the right foundation, we help you select the right option for your mining building.

Our coverall fabric structures are built to last for a mine’s entire life. Even after your project is completed, you can expect your fabric building solution to last for 15 to 25 years and a steel-framed design for 15 to 40 years. Are you ready to take your mineral exploration and processing to the next level? Reach out today and learn more about our services.