Maintenance Shop Enclosures

Installing an oil and gas fabric structure

Tools break on the job. It’s an unfortunate truth, but it shouldn’t be one that puts a stop to your work. A maintenance shop enclosure keeps your projects on schedule and ensures productivity even when the situation seems dire. The best onsite workshops are durable structures that can accommodate all the equipment you need to get the job done.

Keep reading to learn how you can construct a temporary building to overcome any logistical problem that comes your way.

What Is a Maintenance Shop Enclosure?

Maintenance shop enclosures are temporary or semi-permanent structures that allow laborers to address logistical issues onsite while protecting their gear from weather damage and other hazards. Temporary workshop spaces are helpful in any industry, from oil and gas to waste and recycling. Whenever you need a safe space to perform maintenance work, you should always have an onsite workshop close at hand.

The most effective workshops have a custom design and high peak height to store equipment of any size. Because semi-permanent and temporary equipment shelters are not as regulated as traditional buildings, they’re easier to install on short notice and can be adjusted to meet your unique requirements. With a portable maintenance shop enclosure, you can pack up and redeploy your workshop building as needed, improving your operation’s mobility and flexibility.

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The Benefits of a Fabric-Covered Onsite Workshop

Onsite workshops are varied. Brick-and-mortar structures offer ample protection, but they aren’t appropriate if you value versatility or cost effectiveness. Fabric maintenance shop enclosures are affordable, long-lasting structures that easily store sensitive equipment. The material can withstand rain, snow, wind, and other weather conditions without wearing out, and you can leave your assets inside a temporary workshop space knowing they’ll stay dry and safe.

Fabric-based onsite workshops are equipped with a ventilation system that allows air to circulate freely, creating a healthier environment for occupants. These facilities also provide natural light, which increases productivity, reduces energy costs, and improves employee morale.

Because fabric building structures need limited materials, you can clean the entire workshop with water and soap. A fabric-covered temporary workshop space is all about convenience and effectiveness. If you need a building solution that can provide suitable protection for your equipment and keep you on pace with your project deadline, fabric-covered maintenance shop enclosures are worthwhile.

Edge Inc Constructs Reliable Temporary Workshop Spaces

Onsite maintenance doesn’t need to be a hassle. Edge Inc is a contractor that specializes in innovative fabric building solutions. We partner with reputable fabric and building material manufacturers to support industries with semi-permanent and temporary structures. Our buildings are custom-designed and guaranteed to last for 15 to 25 years.

We can construct onsite workshops up to 250 feet wide with unlimited length options. Edge’s clearspan buildings don’t feature support columns, meaning you can use every inch of the available space to store your equipment. If you’re in an industry that needs to move swiftly from site to site, our buildings are portable, so you can break down and rebuild the shelter with ease.

Edge designs structures with easier maintenance, better ventilation, and natural lighting than traditional steel alternatives. Our comprehensive services ensure that your maintenance shop enclosure meets your unique needs. Ready to meet that project deadline? Let’s get started.