Finding the right structure type for agriculture

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Agriculture is a multi-faceted business structure that is dependent on many components seamlessly working together to create a profitable and seamless operation. From investing in the right livestock or crops to having a great team of invested employees, having the right structures to house your different stock, crops, and teams is a vital element to ensure your business keeps on blooming.

Every agricultural business will have different needs and future prospects, it is therefore vitally important to plan efficiently and construct the right type of structure that will serve your purpose the best. Agricultural structures can include the likes of packing, storage and production facilities, milking centers, housing areas, workshops, greenhouses and feeding areas. There are of course more specified areas for niche markets and farm operations, but the key is to properly research and determine your personal needs. Let’s highlight a few key factors in the consideration of structures linked with storing feed and farming equipment.

Storage of feed- what to know

Storage of feed is a vital element in the success of any livestock farm. Thousands of dollars are invested in curating the correct feed to ensure the health and profitability of the chosen livestock, therefore ensuring that it is stored correctly is important to ensure it is kept fresh, contaminant-free, and ready to be fed. Feed must be protected from any type of weather, and at the same time be easily accessible. It is thus important to ensure any structure integrates into the overall layout of the farm. Notice must also be given to the drainage of the structure site, and how rain will pool up, or rather not pool up around the site. Proper ventilation is vital to ensure that mold does not affect the feed. Fabric Barns from our Edge Inc range is the perfect addition to your expanding feed storage needs. 

Our structure is made from a translucent cover ensuring natural light and ventilation. Our portable and pre-engineered structures ensure a quick build time that will help you realize your goals in record time. Our team’s in-depth knowledge will also help you to choose the best foundation for your structure, to ensure compatibility and durability in anchoring.

Do you need help financing your custom building solution? Edge Inc can find the right choice for you with our extensive purchasing options.

Finding the right structure type for agriculture

Safeguarding your farming equipment

Safeguarding your farming equipment is a major investment, not only in the sense of cost but to protect it from thefts and degradation. The daily operation of any farm depends on the availability and functionality of the equipment. An important factor in ensuring the longevity of equipment is the safe storage thereof. Edge Inc specializes in starting a personal journey for you and your needs, and if that is to ensure your equipment is safe from theft, weather and natural elements we are the industry leaders to make your needs a reality. Some important factors to consider when choosing a structure to house your equipment are: 

  • Access – Your equipment should be easily accessible. Would this require a large door, an open side shed, or a larger open-plan space? Access to other areas of the farm is also important to consider.
  • Consider the weather – Protecting your machinery from natural elements is extremely important to ensure longevity and functionality. 
  • Know the size of your equipment – Be purposeful with your space, but also ensure you can expand on the building if that would be necessary in future. 

A range of our pre-engineered building types can be adapted to suit your requirements, whether you are looking to store major farming equipment or a host of smaller tools and equipment. Another major perk is that we offer flexible payment options that ensure that you protect your assets in a way that suits your budget. 

Edge Inc specialize in assessing your needs and customizing a build to suit those needs, but also to give you space to expand. We are industry leaders in temporary or permanent structures that make use of prominent building and material manufacturers. You can customize your building size up to 200m and have control over which amenities are added. We offer cost-effective solutions that harness innovation and combine it with your natural layout to ensure a functional space. Contact us today on one of our platforms to speak to an industry expert with years of experience and knowledge that can assist you to start planning on your next agricultural building addition. Our website has a handy client form that you can use to get in touch and give us a summary of your needs, we will ensure the right person gets back to you to start your journey with Edge Inc.