The Benefits of Fabric Buildings for Salt Storage

A fabric salt storage shed

If you work in municipal planning and contracting, you’ll know that preparation for winter road maintenance starts long before the first frost sets in. In fact, it starts right now – in springtime.

Advance preparations are crucial due to fluctuating salt prices, unpredictable supply chain disruptions, and the need to secure adequate storage solutions ahead of the winter rush.

At Edge, we know how crucial it is that municipalities and contractors are well-prepared to maintain highway safety efficiently. That’s why we offer fabric buildings that provide a revolutionary solution for bulk salt storage.

Versatile, durable, and cost-effective, Edge fabric buildings are designed to simplify preparations and ensure reliable winter road maintenance.

Curious to learn more? Here’s a comprehensive guide to how fabric buildings improve efficiency and facilitate optimal winter road maintenance.

1. Superior Weather Protection

Bulk salt storage requires structures that can withstand severe winter conditions and maintain salt quality. Fabric buildings offer exceptional protection against moisture and contaminants, keeping salt dry and preventing it from clumping. Our fabric structures feature hot-dip galvanized steel frames and heavy-duty covers, providing corrosion resistance that outlasts traditional storage barns.

Key Benefits:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Galvanized steel frames ensure long-lasting corrosion resistance.
  • Weatherproofing: Rainwater, snow, and contaminants are kept at bay.
  • Custom Door Configurations: Optimize door layouts for quick loading/unloading.

2. Cost-Effective and Flexible Storage Solutions

Salt storage sheds can be either temporary or permanent, catering to a range of needs in highway maintenance. Fabric buildings are designed to provide flexible solutions that reduce upfront investment while optimizing storage capacity.

Key Benefits:

  • Temporary or Permanent Installations: Adapt structures based on seasonal needs.
  • Versatile Foundation Options: Install on challenging terrain or use screw piles, earth anchors, or concrete slabs.
  • Custom Fabric Covers: Edge provides tailored fabric covers that meet your exact requirements.

A doom shelter building made with a canvas material is used to store rock salt for icy conditions on the roadway

3. Streamlined Project Management

Navigating the complexities of modern road maintenance requires practical solutions that meet tight schedules and strict regulations. At Edge, we simplify the process with a comprehensive approach, providing a seamless experience from design to installation.

Key Benefits:

  • 90-Day Turnaround: Swiftly install fabric buildings in time for the winter season.
  • Precision Engineering: Custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Single Point of Contact: One-box approach ensures seamless communication.

4. Optimized Logistics and Reduced Costs

Transporting salt to the point of use can incur significant costs. Fabric salt sheds can be strategically placed near the operational area, reducing transportation costs and improving logistical efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Proximity to Operations: Reduce haulage costs by storing salt closer to usage points.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Weatherproof covers minimize maintenance costs.

5. Versatile and Relocatable

Municipalities and contractors often need adaptable storage solutions that evolve with their operational demands. Fabric buildings are expandable and relocatable, offering long-term flexibility and enabling optimal storage capacity management.

Key Benefits:

  • Expandable Designs: Adjust capacity as operational demands shift.
  • Relocatable Structures: Move fabric buildings as required for logistical optimization.

6. Durability and Security

Salt sheds must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions to safeguard road salt. Fabric structures provide wind and watertight solutions, ensuring that salt supplies remain secure even in exposed locations.

Key Benefits:

  • Load-Tested Structures: Wind and watertight solutions protect salt stockpiles.
  • Versatile Door Options: Optimize door configurations for secure access.

7. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In addition to superior protection, fabric buildings naturally allow sunlight to penetrate due to their translucent covers. This feature reduces dependency on artificial lighting, enhancing energy efficiency and creating a bright, productive working environment for staff.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Lighting: Translucent covers minimize the need for artificial lighting.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Lower energy consumption with efficient insulation.

8. Quick Installation and Maintenance Services

Edge’s fabric buildings can be installed and operational within a matter of days, not weeks or months, enabling quick project completion. With replacement covers available for aging structures and a range of maintenance services, Edge ensures your salt storage sheds are always in optimal condition.

Key Benefits:

  • 90-Day Installation: Quick setup and operational readiness.
  • Replacement Covers: High-quality fabric covers for aging structures.
  • Maintenance Services: Comprehensive repair and replacement services.

Ready to Secure Your Salt Storage Solution?

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